List of products by manufacturer Tuffy's Gold

Tuffy’s has been producing dry dog and cat food kibble for over 50 years. Tuffy’s currently produces kibble for its’ own National Brand offerings NutriSource, Pure Vita and Natural Planet as well as numerous co-manufactured products.

Tuffy’s Pet Foods feel that they have a responsibility to help their community and to continue making a positive contribution to the world. The company continues working to reduce its environmental footprint, reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Tuffy’s parent company, KLN Family Brands companies, share a simple vision: Produce the safest, highest quality products in the USA and offer them at a fair price while providing stable meaningful employment in a friendly, family-based atmosphere.

Tuffy’s Pet Foods exemplifies the heart of Perham and small towns everywhere: “compassion, integrity, and a deep-rooted sense of community guide our choices. Being family owned means we can make decisions based on what’s best for our employees, our community and our ultimate customer—family pets!”

From our family to yours. Tuffy’s Pet Foods, Inc., Perham, Minnesota. USA.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items